conveyancer to check your contract prior to signing

When buying property, why you should get a conveyancer to check the Contract and Section 32 before bidding or signing a contract

Buying property is both exciting and stressful and being prepared can put you in a stronger position than others intending to purchase. It’s not only good for someone else to review a contract before buying a house, it’s wise to have an experienced and legally trained person review the contract so they can identify any important elements that may be present or missing from the Contract and Vendor Statement.

When buying property, you need to gain as much information about the property as possible to make an informed decision to buy and judge when the Vendor may be asking too much.

There are Conveyancers and Solicitors who choose not to include many of the Certificates that most Conveyancers and Solicitors include in Contracts and Vendor Statements for a variety of reasons. If you have an experienced person look over documentation, they can identify what should be in the contract and ask the right questions to find out missing information. Items that may be missing could be Building Certificates showing that building alterations comply with Council Regulations, or Builders Warranty Insurance Certificates and Occupancy Certificates for recent renovations; even Land Information Certificates showing the Council rates for the year.

As contracts include legal jargon, it’s always best to have a professional review contracts to explain the intricacies of the buying process and make things easy to understand. This allows you to be informed and confident negotiating the best price for the property you’re interested in, no nasty surprises.

An example of where we have seen things go wrong is where extensions to decking have not had Council approval and the Vendor has had to act quickly to arrange permits before the auction. Had this not been picked up prior to the contracts being signed the Purchaser would have purchased a property with decking without Council approval and may have had to tear it down post settlement. Another recent example involved a garage that was removed without the Surveyor lodging the Final Inspection with the Council, if it wasn’t picked up, the Purchaser would have inherited the problem.

So it’s best to have contracts reviewed to identify any possible problems before you make a bid or offer. At TurnKey Conveyancing we believe having a conveyancer to check your contract prior to signing is so critical that we review contracts for free. This means there’s no reason for not sending us a PDF to have a contract reviewed and save yourself potential problems in the future.

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