How do I choose a conveyancer when I'm selling my house

I’m thinking of selling, what do I need?

There are 2 major things you need to think about when you’re ready to sell your property:

  1. Which Real Estate Agent do you use to market and sell your property?
  2. Which Conveyancer or Solicitor do you use to look after the legal side of transferring your property from your name into the Purchaser’s name while making sure you receive your money from the sale?

Selecting a Real Estate Agent is very personal and even though they seem similar, they’re all different, so it’s a good idea to meet a few in the area of the property to help you decide. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria lists agents by area on their website at

Why do I need a conveyancer?

All properties sold in Victoria require Contracts Of Sale and Vendor Statements, which are commonly referred to as a Section 32 as they adhere to the requirements of Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act 1962. There are 2 types of professions who produce Contracts Of Sale and Vendor Statements; Conveyancers and Solicitors. The best way to choose a conveyancer you are confident in is to contact some and choose the one who’s right for you.

How do I choose a conveyancer?

There are many issues to consider when selecting a Conveyancer or Solicitor; price, timing, experience, attention to detail, how well they work with and understand Real Estate Agents and how important your business is to them. I recommend calling a few to ask some basic questions:

  1. What do you charge and how do you charge?
  2. What do you typically include in a Vendor Statement?
  3. How long does it take to produce a Contract Of Sale and Vendor Statement?
  4. How long have you been in business?
  5. Why should I choose you over your competitors?

From these conversations you can get a good idea of who will be good to work with, which is important, as you could typically be working together for 2-3 months or longer. Remember once you find a good conveyancer they will be an invaluable resource to you should you wish to buy or sell again in the future.

Did you know it is critical to get a conveyancer to review your purchase contract prior to signing? There are so many potential problems that can be avoided by doing this. Find out more about why it is critical to get a conveyancer to view your contracts prior to signing.